Drop of ocean

Water - the animated beginning of all existing

Weve worked in Odessa and Odessa area already more than 10 years (also our works are in Kiev), therefore we confidently feel in building of reinforced-concrete pools of any complication.

Reinforced-concrete bowls, as is generally known, - lasting and practical in exploitation. Through an armature and concrete it is possible to incarnate any desired form and size of Your future pool. No wonder that you before to do such, will not afraid this word, is magnificent building, mentally present him. We, as professionals, will advise you (if you are not yet sure) the form of pool, which will be written into a landscape and harmonize with structures which are already placed on an area.

Only reinforced-concrete technologies will help to give a pool the lack of restraint of forms (that is incident to water in nature). Already even one this quality is given by space of Your fantasy for gardening near-by the pool of vegetation, rocks, alpine hills et cetera (we incarnated all of it in Odessa and Odessa area repeatedly). And, opposite, - only the reinforced concrete is able to give Your reservoir the slender refined lines and bends. On presented Your attention site, glancing in a gallery, you also will be able to see besides the finished products represented here and that spatial special material is, rightness of his boiling soft. Separately it would be desirable to turn Your attention on the picture of reinforced-concrete pools to their finishing in a mosaic, namely, is quality of concreting, that not unimportant for pools. Speaking about it, it is desirable to underline that quality of the monolithic reinforced concrete is provided underpouring in one reception. Thus consolidation of concrete mixture (hydrotechnical concrete) takes place in all good at identical terms is a temperature of air, humidity et cetera And, that is very important, is a surface of pool, after forming of bowl ideally even, I.e. the further stage of plaster will allow to inflict its minimum layer, that allows to save and improves quality of pool. An inundation in one reception was carried out on all objects of our work in to Odessa, and our clients made sure, that quality of reinforced-concrete bowls is blameless, in spite of complication of their forms. By an inundation in one reception we labour for that our reinforced-concrete bowls are made more integral and durable. And at the variety of the standards of mosaic and inlaid pictures given by us, you will be able to choose finishing of pool one's own way to taste. We offer to you the wealth of the inlaid design (glance in our gallery). It would be desirable yet especially to select, that possibilities of reinforced-concrete constructions of pools during setting of waterfalls, falling ribbons of water, pub-tables (straight in a pool!), bridges very and very unlimited. And we get along at any, by the tasks put before us.

We turn Your attention also, that we create reinforced-concrete bowls in a house and on adjoining to the house territory. At what these bowls can be ranged on supports (bulls). Under such pools on bulls you will be able even to walk! Complete impermeability of reinforced-concrete bowl is guaranteed. In fact exactly the rightness of boiling of special material and rightness of inundation in planking of hydrotechnical concrete soft is provided reliability of this difficult hydrotechnical building. Therefore boldly present what you would like to see Your pool. In fact wherever a man was, water, as magnet, attracted his look. And we will endeavour, that you were satisfied, that our work did not stop to make happy Your look and every day give enormous mass of pleasure.