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Swiming pool

Today, planning building of house, a future house owner foresees building of pool necessarily. There is a question: «Which is the main idea?» An answer arises up instantly - is quality and comfort! In fact indeed, it is not simple anxiety about prestige of your house, above all things, pool – is part of deserving life of people, deserving gladness and comfort.

During all history of civilization water procedures (swimming, bathing, sauna, contrasting shower, hydromassage) are considered the most effective mean for making healthy of organism, recreation and increase of vital tone. An ancient greek philosopher Fales asserted yet: «Water - the animated beginning of all existing».

A pool, above all things, is a complex, including functionally CPLD between itself buildings and devices depending on their setting, type and equipment, and also auxiliary apartments and areas, attendant basic building – bowl (bath) with water.

Pools – public and private – distinguish on purpose, to build and structural descriptions, and also on a sanitary engineering equipment.

On purpose pools are sporting, demonstration, health-improvement and also combined.

To the sporting pools behave: demonstration, with tribunes – for the leadthrough of competitions on the different types of aquatics– for teaching the different types of aquatics.

Health pools depending on that, what age-dependent groups of population (adults or children) they are intended for, have different composition of apartments (preventive clinics, solariums, playgrounds), buildings, settings and equipment, operating and technological modes.

Medical pools are built at sanatoriums and rest-homes, in balneological complexes with the use of medical water (mineral, marine).

The combined pools are a complex of buildings, equipment, auxiliary apartments and grounds, intended for maintenance of sportsmen and different visitors.

On build and structural descriptions pools distinguish:in a due form in a plan rectangular, round, free-form and sizes; on a construction - on supports, with leaning against soil fully or partly; covered (winter) and opened (summer).

The water mode is foreseen by three variants: circulating system; running system with the periodic changing of water.

The heating engineering mode foresees the serve of water in baths both with heating and without.

The water of pools systems are distinguished on the method of fence of water: from plumbing of settlement; from natural sources.

The basic elements of pool it is been: bath, station of водоподготовки, auxiliary technological and technical apartments, grounds. To the equipment of pools behave: stairs of entrance; ledges for rest; water roundabout path; flowings chamfers; ladders.

On a construction distinguish pools collapsible and stationary, opened and closed.

Will spare basic attention stationary (reinforced-concrete) pools which, in particular, we get busy. It is necessary to notice that any correctly carried out reinforced-concrete pool on longevity considerably excels most collapsible pools.

Stationary – most durable and lasting pools, the bowl of which, as a rule, is executed from the reinforced concrete and set on foundation in the specially tunnelled foundation pit. Stationary pools can be different depth and sizes. At revetment of bowl of reinforced-concrete stationary pool it is possible to mosaic walls and bottom as marine zoons, colors, decorative patterns and other For these aims a glass mosaic can be used. It is not afraid of frosts, has the lowest coefficient of using of water and very decorative.

It is possible to mark the basic pluses of stationary pools::

  • Durability;
  • Longevity (minimum guarantee 50 years);
  • Possibility of creation of practically any form of pool, coverage, registration.

In order that correctly to project and build a pool, choose an optimum construction and material of finishing of bowl, it is necessary foremost to answer a question: what consumer qualities of pool are main for a customer.

As a rule, it:

  • Impermeability of bowl;
  • Cleanness of water during great while;
  • Longevity of coverage of bowl;
  • Attractive original appearance;
  • Reasonable cost.

All indicated qualities of pool depend on in-use at his building materials.

Reliability of hydrotechnical building of such class, as pool, is determined not only quality of the applied materials but also quality of execution, what we can guarantee for, because possess necessary experience, knowledges and proper level of organization of production. Gradually we from the level of simple builders succeeded to pass to the experts which are not just pretext to the clients pools, but create philosophy of healthy way of life together with them.

We will turn also Your attention on the basic requirements to the bowl of pool. A bowl is a major element of stationary pool. A bowl can have different sizes and form, however in any case its construction must answer the followings requirements:

  • Durability;
  • Stability;
  • Longevity;
  • Reliability is in exploitation;
  • Heat-insulation;
  • Providing of the sanitary-hygenic mode;
  • Protecting of soils from moistening.

As a rule, the bowls of stationary pools more frequent than all erect from a monolithic concrete. In order that in the most general lines you were able to imagine all process, will tell buildings about the separate stages. Stationary pools are built by заглубленными in soil, so that the first stage is digging of foundation pit.

ground-waters can render drainage negative influence on the bowl of pool up to its destruction. For protecting of pools from destructive influence of hydrostatical pressure ground-water is taken through the drainage systems. Lowering of water-table is the most reliable method of defence of bowls of pools.

Pool is built not on one year, and it is important, that running expenses at the use were minimum them. For warming of bowls use different charts and materials. From most widespread is Leca, керамзитобетон, пенобетон, foam plastic, пенополистирол, пенополиэтилен et al. At the choice of chart and materials for heat-insulation it is necessary to follow the coefficient of thermal resistance, comfort of editing, price.

After a device on the bottom of foundation pit of laying layer in 100-200 мм thick from sand, macadam or hoggin and to cement-sandy gathering a thickness 30 мм proceed to armature works. For re-enforcement the armature of periodic type is used. An armature necessarily must be treated the special slushing compositions, providing an inoxidizability and longevity of all construction. A reinforced-concrete bowl consists of gaggers and concrete. Most longevity is possessed by a concrete. But longevity of bowl depends on a gaggers.

Setting of the mortgaged elements
Before concreting it is necessary to set and fasten the mortgaged elements: ground weathering, sprayers, mortgages for sprayers, скиммеры, headlights, mortgages of противотока et cetera, to tie around all of it equipment the pipes of PVKH, by cables. Then all transferred elements are inundated a concrete. It is a necessary condition. Impermeability of all building is reliably provided in the total.

Editing of planking
Setting of planking is a very responsible operation. Must be well-to-do the required geometry of bowl, set exactness of sizes and durability of elements of planking in order to avoid goggling under act of hydrostatical pressure of concrete the masses. For making of reinforced-concrete bowls of pools apply the multiple (wooden) planking. At making of rounding, stages and other difficult elements apply non-permanent.

For concreting of bowls of pools is usually used by the heavy concretes of high brands with water-repelling agents, plasticizers. A concrete must be durable, waterproof and plastic. There are two basic technologies of concreting of bowl of pool:

  • Continuous inundation (for one reception);
  • Founding in two receptions.

Also, a not unimportant factor at building (planning) of pool is a correct selection of equipment.

At first, a clear decision is needed in relation to that, what type of pool you want: flowing, with a flowing capacity.

In any of them it is necessary correctly to place the fence and falling mortgaged elements, then not to redo the prepared bowl of pool. To them behave: sprayers, skymers, ground plums, searchlights et cetera.

The selection of filtration equipment goes the next stage depending on a pool, decide a question about heating of pool. There are two types of heating: warmchanger and electric heater. They sneak up from the volume of pool and period of bathing season.

Except for the mechanical cleaning must be and chemical. Only by it water will be pure and will make happy an eye. The serve of chemicals is made two methods: in hand and by the doze stations.

For those, who loves salt water, it is possible to offer a salt electrolysis, it is possible to use ultrovilet lamps.

In any case, a main index in water is pH, which must be within the limits of 7.2 – 7.4. If he is low, there is corrosion, if high – harmful for a skin.

The mechanical  chemical cleaning is inalienable part of Your pool.

For illumination of pool setting of submarine illumination is in evening time needed. There are halogen lamps 50, 100, 300 W. Rasprostanenie got light-emitting-diode searchlights. As compared to halogen ones, they have small power expenses, long term of service, are in a position to be programed.

A modern pool must have, besides a swimming area, the area for rest and entertainments. For this purpose there are water attractions. For those, who likes to float there are devices of meeting stream.

A pool can be equipped also:

  • by hydromassage places;
  • by air geysers;
  • by waterfalls;
  • by springboards;
  • by hills et cetera

Atraktsiony allow to do your pool very enthralling and health-improvement. A choice depends on you.

To your attention the charts of plan of pool will be presented with a flowing capacity, and also you will be able to see a necessary equipment for the normal functioning of pool.

Увеличить Увеличить
Увеличить Увеличить

Conditional denotations on offered tables:
1 are the Ground weathering (in a pool) (1);
2 it is the Ground weathering (in a capacity is a fence on filtration) (2);
3 it is the Ground weathering (in a capacity is a fence on the emergency flowing) (1);
4.1, 4.2 is Sprayer wall (in a pool is a return of the cleared water) (5);
5 it is Sprayer wall (in a capacity is a signup from plumbing) (1);
6 it is Sprayer wall (in a capacity – for the sensors of water level) (5);
7 it is Sprayer for a vacuum «cleaner» (in a pool) (1);
8 it is Sprayer for a vacuum «cleaner» (in a capacity) (1);
9 it is Searchlight 300 W (in a pool) (3);
10 it is Searchlight 50 W (in a capacity) (3);
11 it is Device of meeting stream 4,0 kW (1);
12 it is Capacity of waterfall (1);
13 it is the Antivortical fence sprayer 43 mcodes?/? (for a waterfall) (2);
14 – Pnevmoknopka (for a waterfall) (1).

So, now you will be able broadly speaking to understand the basic requirements of building of pool, basic properties and qualities. With questions speak directly to us. Always soviet.

Thank you for attention!