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Meet: Water!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009
Meet: <b>Water</b>!
   Yes, preeminently – meet, and every day know anew.
   It would seem is an object by a sign to us from birth. But it appears that even in our time Hi-Tech water remains the most unstudied matter.
   Properties are waters which we know from the course of school chemistry: water is a matter without taste, without a color, odourless, - do it as though by a clean page, such tabula rasa, on which it is possible to bring any information of Universe. This мини-компьютер (because practically every drop of water reacts on the changes of environment) begins to swing all, whatever we pay attention on is absolute in the memory: vibrations of our body (healthy and sick), vibrations of environment, its temperature, even vibrations of our voice and pronouncing by us words. Water knows and understands us sometimes more than we itself. We are very advantageous and comfort to live next to such flexible, receptive and clever a friend. And if we behave hostilely – unite wastes in water, uncorrectly try to «domesticate» it or simply underestimate its possibilities, is becomes or by a frightful elemental monster or secret, but mortally by a dangerous ill-wisher. Example for evidentness: in Japan in 1950th whipped off at-sea mercury wastes leaden-zinc mounyaines-welthing combine, a flash happened of mercurialism, which brought 200 persons over to death. The all lost accepted in food fish and shellfishes, obtained after this upcast.
   Contamination of water pathogenic|nosopoietic| microorganisms is|appear| reason|cause| of such diseases|pathema|, as a cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, infectious hepatitis, malaria|impaludism|, poliomyelitis, typhoid|typhia| and yellow fever. Also from water dangerous vermin get to the organism of people and zoons|animal|. But it is here desirable to bring in a major faint note in a narration – water, as no other structure, is apt at self-wiping and clearing artificial.
   Water is a luxury which we notice only when around become limited in its use. In not such long-ago people were satisfied water, which was found in the rivers, lakes, brooks and wells. But growth of industry and population is compelled mercilessly to exploit the so-called inexhaustible water resources. Here examples: for the production of one car in the USA expended approximately to 40 thousand of litres of water; in Canada, to make the ton of newsprint attract 180 thousands of litres (!!!) of water. List these in relation to the useful expenses of water boundless. But there is yet and our plumbing network which from wearing out, lion's share supplied to the population of water simply loses. And the Odessa area, in particular, is not such flush fresh waters and many habitants feel its shortage sharply.
   Well, that the fence of water in nature is constantly filled in in the process of hydrologic cycle, but on condition of the rational use. But scientific and technical progress is steadily advanced and uphill, requiring in the productions all anymore and more divine moisture. Many modern scientists beat an alarm, but not whether fresh water will become dearer than oil, besides in the near future. It is possible certainly to desalinate salt water, because oceans contain more than 97 % world supplies of water. But a desaltation is an expensive process and used mainly in the developed countries or in rich oil regions, such as Near east. Easily to present as life will rise in price and how many it is necessary it will be to work, to extract what this life is impossible without – water. Therefore, not to become slaves in the near time, to the people already now stands economy and with care to use every litre of water.
   The all aforesaid can show oneself straining enough, abstract and hypothetical for the people of practical constitution of mind (it is although desirable, that exactly they got up on defence of «blue diamond»). Therefore from world problems fluently will pass to everyday pleasant and useful businesses.
So|thus|, - about Water on every day:
- drinking good water is much|far| useful|benefit|, than the most useful|benefit| drinks, juices|succus|, elixirs, nectars et cetera At good water sweetish taste and it|her| is drunk easily with a desire. Who have home nurse-children are lady-cats, dogs – can conduct an experiment: take the different types of the cleared|Rectificatus| or nongased | dining-room of mineral water, will look with what pleasure four-footed friends devastate drinking bowls with good water.., now inundate a tapwater in a drinking bowl.
- proprietors of ornamental waters: pools, ponds, reservoirs etc., - know as important in them to support a cleanness. Water and cleanness, vividly expressed is a mother and daughter. If there will not be water, to find cleannesses it is not possible practically. But without a cleanness and water will not execute the mission laid on it. Therefore, where an accumulation of water was not, it is very important to foresee the various filter, disinfecting, водообменные settings. We will take a pool for an example. For the maintainance of cleanness in him use next chemical preparations.
   Chlorine - one of the most in-use facilities of disinfection for water of pool. He possesses excellent disinfectant properties and destroys the engendered bacteria. Recommended both basic mean for disinfection of water of pool both for a street and for internal.
   A bromine possesses analogical with a chlorine influence on a bacterium, but his maintenance in water very little more what chlorine. Advantages before a chlorine in that he does not have a specific smell and not toxic. Recommended for internal pools.
   From offchlorine chemistry active oxygen which is the product of peroxigen and possesses a disinfectant action is used. However not such active he is as a chlorine or bromine. A reaction flows slowly. Recommended for internal pools.
   For prevention of growth of water-plants an algaecide is used in water of pool.
   For the removal of turbidity of water and removal of the shallow self-weighted particles. Which a filter can not filter, a coagulant is used.
   A salt electrolysis is a device which produces a free chlorine from the added some salt water. Cut-in in water salt, passing through electrodes, forms hypochloric acid and natrit (soda). This acid is a very powerful oxidant.
   UF-lamp. Uf-bliding – simple method of disinfection of water. He is most economical and ecologically safe method. There is not a problem of overdose at UF-bliding. But UF-bliding must jointly work with chemical preparations, allows to reduce an expense.
   It is not unimportant to foresee the cleanness of reservoir from external atmospheric contaminations. The best of all in that behalf a pavilion (see of bodies.) will provide defence for the opened reservoirs. If a reservoir is in an apartment, it must either be air-conditioned (see of bodies.)or it is very good to get some fresh air., because water possesses properties of evaporation from a surface.
   For the observance of cleanness|ligibility|, a surface|supface| which water adjoins with is important. The best of all «are» friends with by water: non-rusting metal, porcelain mosaic|inlay|. Easily to take care of and after mozaicks| – it|her| is cheaper, but it|her| is necessary to be saved|store|, that edges were not split off. Revetment|cladding| is more accessible PVH-materials|, but it is a not lasting, and also aesthetically beautiful variant. Not forget, at all mildness|softness|, water is an aggressive environment|Wed|.
- speaking about the forms of reservoirs, it is shortly possible to select, that better the wrong forms of pools will underline dignities of water, because water is an element of creation, to rebelliousness and at the same time of flexibility. But if you have a desire to succeed in sport, that to accomplish races, anymore the pool of rectangular form will walk up you.
   Spa-pools are more frequent|narrow-meshed| executed|implement| as a circle. It and comfortably|friendly| and it is grounded|substantiate|. Spa-doings| strengthen our health, banish ills| of the soul and body. you will remember by what our ancestors banished impure|dirty| force|strenth|: outlined a sacred circle.
- many set us a question: how is it correct to pick up the depth of bowl of pool?.. In a heat water is warmed up outside, that more warm layers of water are on-the-spot, and in an order to revive one's energies, it is needed to jump deeper. And here we see advantage of reinforced-concrete pools above сборно-разборными: if at the second a depth is limited, in reinforced-concrete pools it is possible to foresee different depths – and in one good you will have a shallow area for children, and deep-water, in which it is possible to execute the sides of safety. At determination with a depth take into account the growth and growth of Your near also.
   Fact for curious. There is so-called anomalousness of water: ice on 10 % easier than water, that allows him to drift on-the-spot (although usually the hard states of matters have specific gravity more than liquid). Thanks to this property of water is saved submarine life. In fact if ice sank, the rivers and lakes for the winter are the frozen solids fully.
- choosing|repackage| the color of revetment|cladding| of pool, remember that color of wave origin. Wave resonance|resloom| takes place through all fabrics|CLO| of organism, including through bones. Naturally it affects our feel. If some color is unpleasant you – not use|utillize| him in disighn| of pool. Water will strengthen|truss| his|its| irritating influence only.
   Most suitable|appropriate| water its self-shades: dark blue, green, blue|bl.|, grey|grizzle| and their combinations and half-tones|semitone|. Influence them on the psyche of man such: dark blue, blue|bl.| – calm; the green brings harmony senses|feeling| and relations.
   Certainly, determined what Your reservoir will be it is necessary all aforesaid to take into account yet very much many aspects – it and feature of landscape, and architectural structures, already present on locality, where it will be a pool or other reservoir is made et cetera In such small review it is impossible to take into account all nuances. Therefore at nascent questions on building of reinforced-concrete wares for water apply directly by phone, which over is brought on a site (reference).
   Fact for curious: water reacts on sounds: words, music. Takes place it переструктизация. Next to water try not to yell, not swear, be well-disposed, that before long, when you will want something to prepare by water or use it in hygienical aims, is was of you only the use. Water very informing. More detailed about it you can know the Japanese researcher of water Masaru Emoto from books.
   The author of this review does not apply on plenitude of illumination|lighting| of questions, related to water and its use|utillizing|. It is such block of human knowledges, about which quite a bit information is collected already, but yet more saved|reserve| in a secret. It can be exactly|preeminently| Water will entrust to you one of the secrets, if you with care and reasonably will be with it|her| a day treats of|from| day: in fact with ignoramuses and lazy persons conducts a bullock itself as a fierce predator, and|but| with loving it|her| – as an affectionate|gentle| kitten.
   The best of all about water can say only poet:
What is it|her| water?
Lilac|magenta|? Green?
Cold, how is mica|glist|?
Quiet and bottomless?
Or is virgin soil loosened
By ploughs?
Yes, it depends.
А. Яшин
Мельник О.Б.